Happy Christmas, New Year and January!

January newsletter

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and (hopefully) a happy January!
First of all, we at Edokko would like to apologise for the lack of a December newsletter and somewhat diminished productivity. Blame Covid-19, or the responsibilities of Christmas, or whatever you will.
The good news though is that 'new year, new me', right?! In this vain, we aim to make up for lost time and January will be a very product-heavy month. There will be three, yes three, new lines dropping this month! First shall be the Glitch line, rumoured back in the November newsletter, the first products of which will drop by the end of the week. The other two lines shall be the 'Kimono' and 'Kamon' lines.
The kimono is an iconic part of Japanese culture, one which is recognised the world over. This line will use a stylised image of a kimono, in both minimal and more flamboyant designs. 
A kamon is a Japanese family crest. Again, these images are recognised worldwide, though many may not know what exactly they are looking at. A famous example would be the Mitsubishi Diamonds. Kamon are often stylised objects from everyday life, animals or flowers. Traditionally, they were worn only by samurai on their kimono and haori (outer jacket) - one on the back, one on each sleeve and two on the chest. Examples of these can be seen in our previous 'Fact Friday' post - be sure to check that out.
To find out more about these lines, you'll just have to keep an eye on our socials and the website! Lastly, don't forget about the ICONIC and Inkan lines - two of our classic minimalist ranges. Both of these will also have extra products added to them! It's going to be a very busy January!
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