About Us

What is 'Edokko'?
First and foremost, Edokko is the brainchild of our founder and lead designer, Sam. Already possessing a love of Japanese history and art, Sam studied these topics at university, putting the knowledge gained into use working in museums, prior to going overseas to Australia. Whilst overseas, he decided (probably under the influence of rather a lot of booze) that he should become a designer, with Japanese art & culture as the main influence.
This idea took some time to come to fruition, and during the COVID-19 epidemic, Sam determined that now was the time to act. So here we are in 2021, bursting onto the scene.
Does 'Edokko' mean anything?
Good question. Yes, yes it does.
During university, Sam spent a lot of time studying the works of Utagawa Kuniyoshi, a prominent ukiyo-e and bushi-e artist of the early to mid 19th century in Japan. Kuniyoshi lived near the Nihonbashi district of Edo (the pre-Meiji era name for Tokyo). This was a merchant and artist quarter, known for it's bold, garishly-dressed, daring individualists who resented the suppression of the non-samurai classes by the Tokugawa Shogunate, or as we're more likely to understand it, the dictatorial government.
Whilst studying this amazing artist, our founder came across the term 'edokko', literally meaning 'Child of Edo', though specifically referring to those born in this artisan district around Nihonbashi. The term didn't refer to just those people in the area though, it referred to the traits mentioned above: to be 'edokko', one was bold, stylish, savvy and individualistic.
It is from this definition that we have drawn our inspiration. Encompassing the designs and ideals expressed in ukiyo-e, irezumi (Japanese tattooing) and modern examples from Japanese pop culture, amongst other influences, Edokko aims to bring the spirit of its namesakes into the modern era via our garments.