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Hello everyone, thanks for subscribing to the Edokko mailing list and showing support for the brand!
Sorry this is the first newsletter to make it out of the ether, but it's been a really busy 6 weeks here at Edokko. Who knew launching a streetwear brand in the (semi) aftermath of a global epidemic would be so challenging! That being said, we've managed to start pushing sales and have launched a large range of products under our flagship line: ICONIC.
When first coming up with design ideas for the launch back in September, the idea was for the first batch of garms to be bold but minimal, simple but ICONIC! This word popped into the mind and voila, the ICONIC badge was born. The ICONIC logo uses a plain, solid style for both the kanji (Japanese script) and the anglicised translation underneath. We think this simplicity speaks to modern fashion trends as well as hinting at the minimalism prevalent in Zen Buddhist artwork, one of the inspirations for the brand as a whole. Okay, so we get it - bold, simple etc. But why ALL CAPS? The answer: because it just looks good. Easy as that! Something about the large, thick representation of the kanji made all-caps seem appropriate. Also, pretty sure ICONIC is a song by Logic feat. Jayden Smith, and what brand wouldn't want to be subconsciously associated with those two!
Coming up...
So what's in stock for the next few weeks? A couple things. First of all, today will see the first instalment of 'Fact Friday'. This weekly feature will provide a little snippet of information on ukiyo-e, irezumi, anime, sumi-e, kimono and other design influences each Friday on our social media accounts (@edokko_clothing; We thought this would be a nice way to shed some light into our design process whilst providing followers with some interesting knowledge, hopefully building up into an Edokko community.
Also dropping this November will be two new lines! Eager to grow the brand, we've started to branch out and will be launching the Inkan and Glitch lines this month.
The Inkan range is another bold yet minimal design, to be seen as a companion to the ICONIC range. Inspired by the signature-seal ('inkan' in Japanese) used by East Asian artists for centuries, this range aims to lea/ve a mark! The Inkan line will hit the store this Monday (8/11/21).
Inkan Beanie
Inkan Tee
The Glitch range however, is more complex. Inspired by futuristic anime, such as Ghost in the Shell and Psycho-Pass, as well as the cyberpunk genre in general, it will combine traditional elements of ukiyo-e and irezumi artwork with futuristic logos, graphics and effects. We aim to have the Glitch line added to the store by the following Monday (15/11/21).
That's it for this month, folks. We hope you have enjoyed reading and are looking forward to the new lines! Overall, we're pretty pleased with the results so far and the support shown for the venture by friends & family, but we can always keep growing! Don't forget to follow us on social media and like & share Edokko posts - it really does help a lot - and also keep supporting by heading over to to provide support and help growing the dream, and remember to tag us if you've purchased a product and are sharing it on your socials!
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